Graduate Position in Plant Nematology at the University of Manitoba, Canada

The Soil Ecology Laboratory at the University of Manitoba is seeking a M.Sc. or Ph.D. student for the project

Determination of the Host Status of Field Pea and its Associated Rotations and Weeds to the Stem and Bulb Nematode in the Canadian Prairies”.

The project involves plant tissue based rearing, host preference screening, and race identification using molecular techniques such as AFLP of isolates.

Candidates for the position will have experience with morphological or molecular identification of nematodes as well as an exceptional academic history (GPA > 3.5/4.0).

The project is to start by September, 2011.

The Soil Ecology Laboratory at the University of Manitoba is a very active laboratory with excellent facilities and a diverse array of research projects in nematology, ecology and soil science

(see and the City of Winnipeg is a cosmopolitan large city (see

Winnipeg Links.html). For more information on the graduate program opportunity please send a CV by email to Dr. Mario Tenuta, Canada Research Chair in Applied Soil Ecology, Department of Soil Science and the

University of Manitoba at Please include experience relevant to plant nematology, GPA standing, and list of publications authored.


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