IBBS 14 Conference Poster

Dear Thar and Mee Mee,

This is a poster submitted to International Biodeterioration and Biodegradation Symposium 14.IBB was celebrated once three years.Italy was a host country for 2008.Venue for conference was Sant’ Alesso Siculo,Hotel De Capo Greci, Sicily.

Very nice and could enjoy the beautiful beach of Mediterranean sea. That sea has no high wave and very clean and clear water like a lake.It was called heart of Europe, Africa and Asia. The picture is Hotel Capo di Greci four stars.200 participans from different countries attended.

Few Asians could be seen from National Taiwan Univesity, Korea Cultural Heritage Department. University of Hong Kong and Novozyme company.

This activity was uniqueness of my Ph.D degree.I enjoyed with my friends  Clara from Romania, Prof Taneka Kenji from Japan and Prof Marlia from Finland,Carlar from Portugees.

They were so kind and friendly.It was unforgettable memory  in my life time.I will share about how to get there from Camerino as Sicily trip.

Attachment: TTPoster Last.pdf


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